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Door lock - Meaning of Dream

A dream is a physical and mental break from the hustle and daytime fatigue. People see many different dreams, but the dream with a door lock is interpreted in very interesting way.

Also a door lock portends upcoming difficulties and problems in life. If in a dream you were able to open the locks, it means that you will find a way out of a difficult situation and everything will work out in life.

If a dreamer is surprised that all the locks, which he/she closed, for some reason, are opened, it heralds the visit of unexpected guests who can bring troubles. But sometimes, on the contrary, this dream can be positive, and portends possibility to obtain great benefits.

It is important to remember that for a business man, broken door lock often promises business problems. Perhaps there will be troubles with partners or a bank. He should pay more attention to transactions with unknown companies, and be careful when signing various contracts.

According to dream book by Vanga, to lock all doors locks foretells that the wishes of a dreamer will not be fulfilled in upcoming future. It is better to finish all the important and urgent deals and be alone for some time.

To open a broken door lock signals of meeting with very reticent and lonely person. After such a dream you will try to change the life of this stranger for the better. You will acquaint him/her with various people and invite to events and celebrations, but there will be no results to your attempts.

If you dream that you drop the door lock, it portends problems rather because of detractors. But also such a dream can mean a change of residence.

If you suddenly break the lock in a dream, it means various changes at work and in personal life, as well as interesting adventures.

If you buy a door lock, it means a quick victory over your enemies.

To dream of a very old and rusty lock means a very profitable and successful trip.

If you watch someone through a keyhole–it means that in real life you will get to know about someone’s hidden secret.

If you lose a lock it portends you poverty.

If you try to match the key to a door lock but it doesn’t work out, in reality you will have unsuccessful affairs or failed transactions and contracts. You will not be able to find a common language with new partners, there is a danger to go broke.