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Door - Meaning of Dream

Door is a reflection of an opportunity and an obstacle. Open door signifies that you can experience the new direction, which you can develop and make significant progress in.

Closed door means that towards achieving the goals you will face significant challenges.

Those dreamers, who are interested in what the door means, must remember that a door is a difficult symbol.

It represents a new way, a new direction in life. According to the condition and state of a door you can estimate the level of your success.

Closed doors hint that the path to success will be thorny and with obstacles, but open doors mean that on the way to your goal achievement everything will be smooth and even.

If you open a door be prepared for the fact that your enemies or people who wish you harm will slander you.

If you see a door that leads you to your parent’s house, it is a very good sign, which means that you will find prosperity and success.

A door with a lock hanging on it, promises you a meeting with unpleasant people. And if you hear the creaking of hinges, then be prepared for unwanted visit from unpleasant person.

If you walk and hope to see the door of your home, but you don’t see it, most likely, you will face significant difficulties and problems in your futures undertakings.

To dream of a door broken out and spoiled, is a sign of money, generous award and even heritage.

If you see a burning door, it's a bad sign. To extinguish a burning door means to meet your close ones on the sad events/occasion.

But if you dream of heavy rain, strong wind, snow, and you stand in front of the door and can’t go in there, it means that in reality you will perform a stupid deed. It will affect your reputation, make you blush, and maybe even you will have to ask forgiveness of your relatives and friends.

Looking through the peephole, located in the door and try to understand what is happening outside, means that the chosen rhythm of work and affairs may soon cause serious stress.