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Down - Meaning of Dream

If you are going down somewhere, this dream tells that you have to change your views on some things.

If you see somebody going down the stairs, it means that you have to be doubly careful in the next two days.

To be in a train rushing downhill is a prediction of many tasks that will give you trouble.

To ride a bicycle down a hill means that you should pay more attention to own health, or else you will have a serious illness.

If you go down and find a dungeon in a dream, in reality you will have good impressions after an accidental trip through familiar places, that you should see with different eyes this time.

In a dream you see your friend somewhere far down, it is a presage that at the time of upcoming successes you will neglect your old friends.

To see the birds coming down from the sky heralds you unusual events.

If you go down into the chimney, this dream foreshadows sorrow. For girls, such a dream, among other things also means that they can make something out of the ordinary that will cause confusion or resentment of others.

To descend on a rope foretells your disappointment in the most vivid minutes of your life.

If you see that elevator, from which you just came out, is going down, it means that in reality you miraculously will manage to escape danger or trouble in some affair.

If you are looking down on dirty muddy water from the shore or a bridge –be ready for sad results of your biggest efforts.

Dreaming of the mercury thermometer going down portends that soon the situation of your affairs will begin to make you worried.