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Downpour - Meaning of Dream

Downpour is a symbol of health and good luck. Downpour is a favorable image in a dream, in almost all cases. But it is necessary to remember the smallest details of dreams. Some night visions can tell how to behave in difficult situations.

If you feel good in the rain, you walk on the puddles and enjoy the water, this dream predicts upcoming fabulous event. It will happen unexpectedly and quickly, but will be remembered for a lifetime. Thanks to this event, the outlook of a dreamer will change and he/she will see new perspective and wish to implement new plans.

If the rain is accompanied by strong wind, thunder, and lightning, this is a hint not to swim in the lakes and rivers. There is a great likelihood of unpleasant incidents and even death in the water. The dreamer shouldn’t also let a child swim without supervision.

If you observed the downpour from outside the window, it bodes that you will have changes in life in the coming months. These changes will be quite improper, because you will start a completely new business and begin investing all your time and soul in this activity. The new occupation will significantly affect your life, and in the end you will re-evaluate the attitude towards reality and, in particular to other people.

If you got heavily wet under the downpour, this is not a good omen. You will be ordered to perform some work which will not bring any satisfaction and profit. It is possible to shift the responsibilities at somebody else, but make sure nobody notices your noncompliance.

The rain itself tells the dreamer that the soul is currently in the emotional phase and he/she is in the process of purification. The rain, in one of the interpretations, is a symbol of freshness, often it is related to mind and soul.

Shower is a true omen of future fruitfulness, since it is known that the rain helps flora and fauna. Thus, the rain in a dream portends quite productive period of life. Moreover, this can be a fruitful career in business, wellbeing in the household and happy family life.

If you are a witness of the thunderstorm, the dream promises the unusually high attention from the people around. And this attention will be quite enjoyable because others will delight a dreamer with surprises and gifts.