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Drama - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you sit in a theater as a spectator and watch the development of the plot of a dramatic performance, in a modern dream book, it is interpreted in two ways. If you feel the interest to what is happening on the stage, it bodes the meeting and reunion with the people who have left you long time ago. The more you are interested in the drama, the more pleasant the meeting will be.

If you happened to watch a second-rate drama by quite unpopular author, it tells that you need to get ready for extremely unpleasant visitors. The dream book predicts that despite of your desire, you won’t be able to avoid this meeting.

If you happened to be an author who wrote the drama, it signifies that you are aiming to surprise the people around with your actions. It is fraught with troubles in the future, because you might forget that you must live up to income. Be careful - do not run into debt, do not take out unnecessary loan. In the interpretation of such a dream, there is one exception. So, if you wrote a drama at night on Monday to Tuesday, it portends that you will forget about the lack of money. This will happen because of totally unexpected event.

If you are an actor playing the role in the drama, it tells that you think that you can be successful in affairs only due to the assistance of the influential people. To achieve such help, you will temporarily change own behavior and will try to appear better than you actually are.

Miller stated that a drama in a dream is a meeting in real life, which you waited for. This is a signal that your friends who are still far away will soon arrive at your home. If the plot of the play is not interesting, it forebodes that you will need to deal with a person who manages some secret affairs together with your relatives. This person will visit you anyways, so you will need to treat him/her good. If a dreamer is engaged in writing a dramatic work, this dream has an ambiguous interpretation. It can be both: a harbinger of a serious debt burden, and the ability solve the difficult situation.