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Drill - Meaning of Dream

In the modern dream book, a drill which you used for its intended purposes - drilled holes in the wall or in building materials, indicates that in the near the future you won’t avoid major problems when performing tasks of your boss or managing own business. These troubles will cause difficulties with finances; perhaps in order to deal with all the difficulties you will have to take on the extremely unpleasant obligation or borrow money.

If you independently changed the drills in a dream, it portends that you will decide to find out more about the relationship with a person, whom your business depends on a lot. Your conversation won’t be successful and it will end up in a big quarrel; as a result - you will lose the support of a person and will be left alone with accumulated problems in affairs and a sense of guilt for having unjustly wronged someone who is actually important for you.

If you dream of a broken drill, it bodes that in business, which you currently hope for a lot, you will face unexpected difficulties and you will have to perform a lot of work in order to cope with these difficulties and successfully finish the job.

If you dreamed as if a drill broke down when you held it in your hands, get ready for serious problems related to money - in many cases, this dream foretells significant losses or financial ruin.