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Drilling machine - Meaning of Dream

Treatment of teeth with a dental drill rarely promises something pleasant and positive. If in a dream the drill makes you feel panic, in reality try to be very cautious. Most likely, there are treacherous enemies in your immediate environment, who are trying to ruin your reputation. Be careful, stay away from conflict situations and risky ventures, to prevent ill-wishers from ruining your life.

If a dentist drilled your tooth for a long time and then decided to remove it, in reality you will lose a dear thing to your heart or will waste precious time in vain.

If a dentist put a filling, it is a good night dream, foretelling the return of a lost thing.

If a doctor drilled your rotten or crooked teeth - get ready for a whole series of troubles and failures. Do not lose hope, wait for a bit and remember the saying “This too shall pass”. Problems will certainly be solved and happiness will be restored. In this difficult period of life, try to tame your anger and do not argue with others, thus a series of misfortunes will end up faster.

Creepy sounds of a drill in a dream book by Miller foretell your worries about nothing. You definitely need to calm down, otherwise your uncertainty and indecision can create serious conflicts.

If you sit in a dentist's chair and he drills your tooth, it means that soon you will find yourself in an ambiguous and extremely awkward situation, but you will easily figure everything out with a help of your sense of humor.

Drill vibration felt in a dream is a sign of worries for some circumstance which you can’t affect.

Annoying buzz of a drill means that you are probably tired to deal with problems that take a lot of time and do not bring any moral satisfaction.

To see a drilling machine in a dream – is a hint that you need to visit a doctor/dentist.

In a dream somebody is using a drill machine to repair your teeth, it means that very soon you will encounter absurd situation.

To hear a sound of a drill machine in a dream means that you might suffer because of your uncertainty.