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Driver - Meaning of Dream

If you drive a car or any other vehicles in a dream, it foretells unexpected events that require you to limit concentration. Miller explained driving in his dream book as a sign of unjust condemnation of your actions and decisions by others.

Driving public transport in a dream is a harbinger of thankless and rather humiliating work that does not give you any prospects. Perhaps it is a sign of stagnation in performance, complexity in career growth and promotion.

If you drive a train, it bodes you poverty. However, if someone else controls the process with you, this dream foretells a difficult situation which you will successfully solve, using own experience and knowledge.

If you drive a car fast, according to Freud's dream book, you enjoy intimate relations with your partner. But if you are driving a car or any other transport slowly and feel uncertainty, it indicates your doubts about beloved one and future with him/her.

A driver is a person who controls the destiny of passengers and his own. The image of a driver in a dream shows that a person is the controller of own destiny, or, conversely, the fear that he is not a controller. It also reflects the human desire to take responsibility for the situation with other people.

If somebody else is seen in the image of a driver, it is a reflection of a desire that other person should direct and control life of a dreamer, or, conversely, it reflects the lack of confidence to perform these functions.

In a dream you drive own car, it portends you happiness, efficient search for new opportunities, the approach to the goal in life. If you drive someone else's car – it means that in order to solve serious matters you need an advice or support from reliable people.

Being a taxi driver means that you will do long-term and hard work, which will bring you good results and promotion.