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Duel - Meaning of Dream

Challenge to a duel is the threat of death in real life. After such a prediction, it is necessary to pay attention to your enemies and to those whom you suspect of hostile attitude towards you. You will have to reconsider own attitude towards them, and take appropriate measures. In addition, after such a dream you should to avoid risky behavior and to exercise caution to make your everyday life safer.

The victory over your rival in a duel portends a long and difficult path to the goal, though at the end of the path you will experience disappointment.

Participation in the duel as a witness says that the dreamer is too jealous. If this feeling is not controlled, a dreamer can be severely offended in real life.

Miller believed that our dreams about a duel are usually the result of books and movies that had a certain impact on us during the day.

Participation in a duel indicates such character traits as determination, courage, and commitment to justice.

If duelists choose guns as their weapons for a duel, then in the future your matters will develop safe; it your choice was a sword - in reality you may face unpleasant events. You have a chance to cope with them only if you put a lot of efforts.

Freud considered a dream about a duel as a good omen. It signifies that a dreamer is completely satisfied with intimate life. If somebody has thrown down a glove, it indicates that your partner is not satisfied with you. If a woman asks her partner to take part in a duel in a dream, then one of her qualities is excessive nervous irritability and a tendency to hysterical behavior.