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Dumplings - Meaning of Dream

To see dumplings while dreaming means to host guests. If you make and cook dumplings, it indicates your potential to start a profitable business.

If you eat dumplings, it is a prognostic of a great success, profit and wedding.

If you make dumplings and they you are getting a very beautiful form, it foretells that you may receive something that you were dreamed about for very long.

If you prepare dumplings with berries, but they look ugly: the dough breaks, juice comes out, it means that you will purchase something that will thoroughly wear out your nerves.

The process of cooking/preparing food in a dream forebodes some good events in real life.

To cook dumplings means to create a new beneficial business, to cook borsch - get the good news that in fact will be false. To cook another soup means to marry a wealthy man. To cook fish soup means to send a husband in a long trip. To cook compote or jelly means to get the money, the issue of which was postponed for a long time.

Boiling glue or paste in a dream warns about troubles at home, and in planned repair. To boil a large amount of decoction means that losses will bring depression, but the aid and support of close people will help you to recover. To cook something in a bucket and burn yourself means that some sad incident will influence your expectations.

If you are cooking dishes in a dream and feel the aroma from the pan, see clouds of steam and bubbling water, it portends that you will be active and successful in love. Perhaps, you will have more than one partner at a time, and you will be literally torn apart in order to catch everyone’s attention.

If in a dream you prepare food on fire, it signifies that you will reach own goals in life. If the food is made of lamb – you will have a nice and decent life. Some dream interpreters says that cooking is a symbol of good actions.