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Dynamite - Meaning of Dream

Dynamite in the modern dream book portends drastic changes in life in upcoming future. You will feel unprecedented strength and will begin to extend the boundaries in business, which you run now.

If you dream of dynamite in big quantity, you will undertake a truly grand task. If you saw the explosives in a very unusual place, such as in a refrigerator, TV, or in the closet, this dream foretells that you will approach the task very artistically, using non-trivial and unusual methods.

A dreaming as if you waited till the dynamite explodes, but for some reasons it didn’t, is a good sign. Most likely, in reality, you are lucky enough to avoid serious danger.

If you shake with fear at the sight of explosives - be careful, some people from your surroundings are secretly hurting you. Do not take any steps to find the detractors, better wait for a while and soon you will find out more about them.

Dynamite that explodes in Miller’s dream book prepares you for unpleasant news about your good friends. This information will shock you and you will look at people in different eyes. Moreover, such a dream will make you rethink many global events that contribute to change your outlook.

If you were the innocent victim of an explosion, be ready for new goods. Most likely, after the reappraisal of values you will finally realize that your life has a lot of good, which you didn’t notice. If you safely escaped the consequences of the dynamite explosion, it bodes that your life will develop along the path that has been charted, although the fate gives you a real chance to change your life for the better. Alas, you missed it.

If you looked with horror at the ruins after the explosion of dynamite, you risk facing serious illness. Try to treat it with philosophical calmness: the higher power has sent you an illness to make you think of life differently.