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Ears - Meaning of Dream


If you see someone else's ears in a dream - it is a sign of gossip about you, which have become a permanent part of your life.

This dream is a warning that any word said by you will be redone by people and put not in the best light. In such a situation it is advisable to give fewer reasons for gossip. Do not talk on personal matters with strangers.

But this dream can also be interpreted in another way, such as your desire to know a secret.

If you clean the ears, it means that your business or affairs will collapse and you may lose a lot of money.

A dream, where somebody tweaks or pulls you by the ear is a sign of the dangers and intrigues of the enemies, who check, where they can affect you the most.

If you dream of an ear of odd shape, it means that possibly special services need something from you, and they are trying to find you and install bugging devices.

The size of dreamed ear is also important. If you see that your ears are too big, it is a sign that you have to be careful, otherwise you will be dishonored. Tiny ears - new meetings will help you making true friends.

If you dream of ears affected by any diseases, it has the same meaning as ears of unusual shape - you are searched by special services.

If you dream of men pierced ears, this dream predicts an unusual action that will surprise you and your friends.

A dream, where you see yourself with cut ears, is usually very frightening. It means: you have become too hypocritical and cruel person and will seriously forfeit for it.

Dreaming of woman's pierced ears is a sign, indicating that the appearance means more for you than the soul, and it is the determining criterion. Such behavior and treatment of the situation is wrong, you should pay attention to the spiritual component, because the beauty is not always important. If you just understand this and learn to consider things and people with different evaluation criteria, then life will change for better.

Ears that belong to a close person, or a complete stranger, are the warning sign, especially if those ears are everywhere. The fact is that ears, which drag too much attention, point out to a person in your surrounding, who is jealous to your success and is glad about any slightest information about your failures. Dream Interpretation book by Miller explains such dream, as a fact, that this person will analyze any of your words, and examine them literally one by one. You shouldn’t respond to his/her provocations.

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