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Earth - Meaning of Dream

The earth in your dreams may stand for various tokens in different spheres of your life – a state of mind, health, success, new perspectives, etc.

If there is hard earth in your dream, it signifies that you’re on a right way. Keep it up!

If the earth in your dream is shaky and unsteady, it means that there will be complications on your way. Too many doubts crowd in your head. You don’t feel ground under your feet because you aren’t confident in your actions and taken decisions. You’ll never be successful ‘til you aren’t confident, decisive, purposeful and determined. Try to develop such traits of character and success won’t keep you waiting.

If in your dream you’re digging the ground, it indicates that you fritter away your energy. Concentrate on more important things in your life. Pay attention and time to the stuff that really matters to you. Recollect your dreams about what you want your life to be. If you don’t make them true now, you cannot know whether you’ll have such an opportunity in the future. Don’t let grass grow under your feet. Create your memories now!

But if you’re digging the earth in search of treasures, it designated that you will be trying to understand yourself better through self-analysis. This will help you to find the answers to almost all your questions. Getting to know yourself better, you’ll conceive the world deeper.

They believe that if you’re seeing the Earth (as a planet) in your dream, it means that daily mundane has drawn you in. Change a usual way of your life as soon as possible. Bear in mind that nobody will do it instead of you. What you need is to change the environment you’re sucked in. Get out of your house/apartment, go on a journey, experience extreme emotions, have a good company, etc.

If in your dream you’re touching earth with your hands (for example, you‘re trenching a vegetable garden), this indicates that you probably have some problems with health. Apply to a doctor and don’t be lazy to run all medical examinations you need. Caution is never superfluous, especially when it is the case of your health.

If in your dream you’re watering the earth, it is a very favorable sign. It stands for the fact that you’ll meet your old good friend very soon. It will be a meeting you’ve been wishing for many years.

Seeing in your dream that some earth is stuck to your shoes forebodes you good luck. Each beginning of yours will be crowned with success. So, if you have some ideas on your mind, hurry up to bring them to life. It’ll bring you great income and well-being in the future.

If there is fertile earth in your dream, it is a sign of happiness in the future.

If in your dream you’ve been sailing for a long time and is seeing the earth on the horizon, that means that you’ll become very successful in different spheres, you’re rather perspective.

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