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Earthquake - Meaning of Dream

Usually the dreams, in which you see the formidable power of the earthquake, predict illness, unexpected news and dramatic life changes. If in a dream you were the direct witness of this cataclysm, it tells that in reality your loved one will request your help. Do not refuse to support him/her, show compassion and understanding, and it will be taken into account.

If you clearly felt the strong tremors, it tells that in reality your financial affairs are threatened with serious troubles, so urgently review the items of expenditure.

If you selflessly saved someone during the terrible earthquake, it tells that you will have to take some problems on your own shoulders in order to help the friend out of the difficult situation.

If you dream of the terrible consequences of the earthquake: ruined buildings or cracked earth, this dream bodes the news from afar. If you watched the earthquake from a reliable shelter, it tells that the news will be delayed.

During an earthquake, you rushed in search for a safe place - apparently in real life you experience strong concern at the deterioration of own financial status; moreover you clearly see the problem, but you can’t find a decent way out of this situation.

If in a dream, you happened to escape from the earthquake, it foreshadows that in reality you will be able to manage your affairs successfully.

In a dream you sympathetically looked at people, who were trying to avoid the impending danger by all means - your family will need extra help.

If the earthquake has ruined everything around, but your house stayed untouched, it is a good sign that promises family well-being and happiness.

If an earthquake appeared in your dream on Monday or Tuesday night, there may be conflicts and disputes in the workplace. Similar dream on Thursday night prophesies the upcoming family scandal.

Miller interpreted an earthquake of strong magnitude, as a collapse in business. Alternative meaning: ethnic strife and war will bring a lot of suffering and troubles to humanity.

If in a dream you don’t see the earthquake but just hear the distant sound of decay, it can be a signal that a loved one has not been loyal for a long time. This news is not very pleasant, because it heralds painful separation, and the partner will no longer hide the fact of treachery.

In case, if you dream of destructive earthquake, you have to be very careful, because you may face some dangerous moment in life. With special attention you should communicate with people, to avoid possible conflicts and misunderstandings.