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Eclipse - Meaning of Dream


Eclipse in the dream, is a symbol of sadness and completion of the deals. If you dream of an eclipse, you can expect that something important in your life will finish soon. It may end up temporarily or permanently, it depends on you.

Eclipse could also mean that you are experiencing a run of bad luck. If you dream that you see the eclipse, it means that soon you will be sad or will cry.

If in a dream eclipse is immediately replaced by the sun, it is a sign that you are able to overcome all the difficulties and return to normal life.

If a woman had a dream about eclipse, she should be ready for completion of important cases. If recently she worked hard over the execution of a task, it is obvious that this task will be successfully completed. Eclipse in a dream, for woman, could spell her bitter tears. Most likely, it will be associated with the beloved one or her children.

If you dream of the sun, which you cover with your hands, it means that only you are guilty in own troubles.

If a man had a dream about eclipse, it is a sign that he will be able to successfully complete all his work and relax. Most likely, you will have a vacation and will spend time in solitude and tranquility.

If you dreamed of eclipse, which was not changed by sunlight, for a man, such dream is a sign of trouble and failure. The dream, in which the eclipse is accompanied by thunder promises big problems that can seriously affect man's life.

Eclipse, is a symbol of disorientation in own actions when a person does not know what he/she should do next, and how to solve the impending problem.

So often before and after such dreams a person commits some wrong deeds, and makes wrong decisions. Also, you should understand that such dream is seen by people who have false values.

This dream can be interpreted as indication of a fact that someone or some circumstances disturb a person from achieving own goal. Therefore, Vanga said that the eclipse promises the appearance of small problems and failures in business, including the appearance of constant concern in relation to the loved ones.

But still, if you dreamed of eclipse, you should not think that the unfavorable period will last for a long time. On the contrary it will be as short as possible so that the run of bad luck will pass almost imperceptible and will not leave bad memories.

If you see moon eclipse in the dream, it means, that you should think about own health, which is quite long forgotten and ignored. Also an eclipse in a dream may entail serious illness of a loved one, especially if you see this dream at night from Friday to Saturday.

Vanga also said that appearance of eclipse in the dream is a sign that in real life, a person either hides in the shadow of someone else, or creates a shade for others. It is also a sign of inequality with others, which is more like a struggle for a profitable place, rather than simply establishing of friendly relations. It is not surprising if in the near future you may find out about some mistakes and problems.

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