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Eggs - Meaning of Dream


Egg is a symbol of nascent life, prosperity, wealth, and hidden potential. But above all, it is the favorite of many products, which you can use for cooking of a variety of delicacies. Eggs are not only nice to eat, but also to dream of.

If you dream that you find a bird's nest with eggs, and your personal life is in disorder at the moment, and you don’t have enough money, do not despair. This is a sign for you that you are going to be rich and happily in marriage. If such a dream is seen by a woman, she should not be attracted too much by men.

If you dream of fresh eggs, besides also broken, it foretells about numerous gifts of fate. You will find yourself in the limelight due to your excellent supervisory mind and keen sense of justice. You will also find many supporters and representatives of high society.

Be suspicious, if you dream of eggs, which you eat. You might start to be worried with or without any grounds.

Rotten eggs seemingly do not bode anything good in real life and in the dream. If you dream of it – you will lose part of the property, or your trade will be unprofitable for a month. Sometimes it means that you will have a conflict with the boss and he/she will demote you.

Dreaming of a basket with eggs is a sign of occasional joy. You will enjoy prosperity and profitable business deals that are worth considering, and also you will participate in the forthcoming operations. If you find bird eggs in the forest it means that you will have inheritance from distant relatives.

Broken egg is a symbol of accidents that can cause very unpleasant feelings. However, in some cases, the interpretation of the dream becomes quite pleasurable.

Very often dream books give the interpretation of broken eggs as a symbol of sadness. However, there might be some variations. For example, in the simplest case, a single broken egg indicates little luck or inoffensive gossip that can add up your popularity.

If you saw a few broken eggs, the fate gives you the sign. It's time to pay more attention to your own actions as it may inadvertently become a source of unpleasant experiences for the person close to you. In this case, you might feel uncomfortable. The same meaning has the dream in which an egg broke on your foot.

If dreamed of broken egg which a moment ago was good, it has a completely different meaning. In this case, it is an omen of amazing luck. All you have to do is to be fair, show wisdom in decisions and accuracy of judgment.

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