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Egypt - Meaning of Dream

Seeing such a mysterious and ancient country as Egypt in your dreams is a very favorite sign for you. Mostly, it concerns a private sphere of your life. You will travel soon (maybe, not alone but in a pleasant company).

If you are single, it means that very soon you will strike up relationships with someone. They will differ noticeably from your previous ones because it is possible that they will be more serious than you expected and long-lasting. This person has all chances to become your lifetime partner. You are a lucky dog. You’ve succeeded to find love of your life. Take care of him/her. Don’t take his/her love for granted. You’d better remember that if you disregard him/her, you can easily lose this person. To keep the flames of your feelings burning for long, you should make corresponding efforts as if you got acquainted only yesterday.

But if you have already been dating with someone (or if you are married), a dream about Egypt stands for romantic adventure which will be the Renaissance of your relations. It is a wonderful idea for the people who wish to escape from annoying everyday mundane and refresh their feelings towards one another.

Looking for this country on a map of globe or seeing the Pyramids designates that you strive for some changes in your life. Probably, you want to experience something unusual and even exotic. Think, maybe you really need some rest to distract yourself from monotonous stream of your life. It will be useful for you. It will certainly improve your productivity at work and the state of your health.

Being in Egypt in your dream refers to the possibility that you can go off on a journey or voyage in waking life soon. You will return refreshed and rested. This trip promises to be not only pleasant for you, but informative as well. You will be totally satisfied with it. You’ll broaden your horizons with its help; learn a lot of new and exciting about a country you’ve visited, its people, the way of their life, customs, a world view, etc. Also, this trip will make you underline some important things for yourself. Meditation about them will push you to introduce them into your regular life in your homeland. Hopefully, they will settle down and be useful for you. Keep in mind that a man needs to have such a rest. It will affect his/her working potential and endurance positively.