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Elbow - Meaning of Dream

If a young woman clearly saw an elbow in a dream, it tells that she will meet a very hardworking person, who may soon become her partner for life. If she dreams of the dirty elbows, it foreshadows all sorts of dangers that threaten her family.

Most often, the elbows signal of the fact that soon you will change your place of work, but a new position will be very difficult, besides there is a risk of a low salary.

For a young woman a dream about elbows portends a successful marriage, not only materially, but also morally. However, if the elbows are stained in something, the girl risks being left single or marrying an unworthy person.

If a man dreams of elbows, this is an indication of a good offer that he will soon receive; this can be a new position at work with a decent reward.

A dreaming of own elbows in mirror reflection portends a very difficult and thankless job, but it will be very well paid. If the elbows were badly stained, then there is a risk to get into some kind of a difficult situation, and if your elbows were clean - there is a chance to get out of a bad situation. Own elbow portends big future windfall. A stranger’s elbow forebodes bitter regret and remorse because of some accidents.

If you see elbows in a dream you will be offered assistance in reality. If they are tidy without any flaws, it means that you will be accompanied by luck in almost all endeavors in the near future; this is the perfect time for realization of new ideas.

A dreaming of scratches or wounds on the elbows forebodes quite large losses and failures of business plans. In certain cases, such a dream can be an omen of separation from a loved one or the death of a close person. Spots on the elbows can reflect dreamer’s stupidity, regret and humiliation.