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Elections - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming about elections is a harbinger of important decisions, the making of which will involve intense meditation. If in a dream you work in the Counting Commission, it predicts unsatisfactory long-planned enterprise. Not fulfilled hopes will entail vain regret about the time spent. It is also a harbinger of sudden audit or increase of control of the higher manager.

To be a candidate for deputies in the election means that your reputation is impeccable: you are respected by colleagues and management. If a dreamer is filling a bulletin, in reality he/she will be suddenly lucky. But this hasty joy will be in vain, as a gift of fate is fraught with hypocrisy and lies.

Elections in the dream book by Miller foretells a clear part in the debate, and discussions in the detriment of own well-being. A dreamer, who came to the station to declare own will, in reality is very initiative and believes that readiness to act should be inherent in every human being. A dream, in which you see the excitement during election, indicates your preference to act rather than talk.

If come to the precinct in order to take part in elections, in reality you think that everyone should take an active life position.

Taking part in the elections (voting for someone) signals that your life may change soon. After such a dream you can begin to make decisive actions. To be elected means to participate in social and political organizations.

If you win in elections, it tells that you want to receive general acceptance and recognition.

If you lose in elections, you have everything in order to be a manager, but you wait till somebody comes and offers you this position.