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Electricity - Meaning of Dream

Electricity is a symbol of success or luck in spheres which cause the most interest to you. In addition, some of the manifestations of electricity actions can serve as an indication that your acquaintances or friends need your help.

In order to properly understand electricity meaning, you need to remember in which form it appeared in your dream, because electricity can not be directly seen.

So, if you dream that you had experienced an electric shock (from subtle to extremely unpleasant power discharge), it is necessary to pay attention to your hobbies. It is very likely that you are trying to be involved in that area, where you do not have sufficient knowledge. For example, experiments with sulfuric acid at home will help you look like a chemist. However, it they can also cause you serious burns. It is recommended to maintain reasonable care.

Electric shock is always a warning for the dreamer. It is primarily a sign that you are going to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It is possible that at this point you need to face a difficult situation in your life, which causes stress.

Also electric shock can symbolize the collapse of all the ideas and plans. You need to seriously review your current situation and to understand the reason of such a dream.

If you dream of somebody else receiving electric shock, it may mean that in the future all problems at work and at home will be forgotten.

If you are unsuccessfully trying to disassemble some electrical appliances, it means that you will not have enough time for your favorite hobby.

If you dreamed of electricity, which has suddenly turned off because of fuse breakage, you have to be ready for a lucky strike. However, you shouldn’t immediately run to the nearest casino: you won’t be lucky all the time, and winning a million dollars is not your story. But meeting in the elevator with a charming girl and becoming friends is your possible luck.

If you electricity was present in the form of continuous doorbell ringing, it means that you should contact with your friends. Some of them are trying hard to reach you, but for some reason they do not succeed. Perhaps, only you will be able to help a friend to cope with adversity. Do not refuse your friend in need; he/she doesn’t have anyone else to fall back upon. Later on, this person will remember your help and will answer in kind, and you will realize that you did well. So, it is better not to forget people in need.

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