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Elephant - Meaning of Dream


A dream, where you can see an elephant, foretells you a very useful and necessary meeting at the moment. It will help you solving your immediate problems, as well as possibly help you materially. This acquaintance may be surprising and unexpected for you, but you need to distinguish it and realize its importance in your present life.

If you see an elephant of unusual colors, such as pink or black, it promises you a pleasant and joyful meeting with friends or classmates, whom you didn’t see for a long time. It is time to rejoice and have fun. You spend too much time thinking on how to improve your wellbeing and mood, and this is a chance. After such a meeting you will be full of positive emotions and energy in order to start a new affair, which will bring to positive and desirable results.

If you see an elephant of a very large size, it foretells you big spending for unnecessary purchase, but you can easily live without it. It is better not to spend too much money, as you don’t know what you financial situation will be. First, you need to reach stability in your affairs, and only then plan some major investments. Remain unprovoked and keep your money with you; this is how you will be able to avoid crisis.

If you dream of a very small cub elephant, it means that you will have small insignificant household chores. Don’t get upset about cleaning, cooking or washing; all of it - is your everyday routine, which you should get used to by this time. You can’t avoid this, but you may have a different perception and attitude to the situation. Your family loves you and needs your support, therefore they will try to help you and make you happy. Soon you will feel that in your life.

Dreaming of a flying elephant that flies flapping ears suggests that you are still not serious about responsible business, which it is already time to finish. You are a scatterbrain and your dreams and desires are childish.

If you dream of a dead or sick elephant, it means that some unpleasant events will happen in your life; this might be a day when you lose a beloved person. Your life will change after that, and perhaps even for better, so don’t regret and try to draw the moral out of the situation.

If you dream of an elephant without a trunk, it means that you will move out and change your place of residence, maybe even in another city.

Dreaming of an elephant pouring water at you with its trunk means that you need to stop fooling around and clean up your act.

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