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Elevator - Meaning of Dream

If you saw an elevator in a dream, it tells that you can expect progress in any important matters. The movement of the elevator up portends success, down - failure.

If you came into the elevator and it started moving without stops, it can tell that you are too focused on one matter and that is why you don’t have time to manage more important affairs.

The fall of the elevator portends a big loss and total collapse of all plans. However, if the elevator fell, but you remained unharmed, the dream bodes difficulties that you are going to overcome without efforts.

For a woman, an elevator means success and progress in relationships with men. If a woman sees that the elevator door opens in front of her, this dream indicates that her hobby will bring some profit and she will face many new opportunities.

Falling elevator is a bad sign. After this dream do not expect to start or develop successful and happy relationships. You will unlikely have a happy life with your present partner.

If a man dreamed of an elevator, then it is a sign of career promotion, and early success. If you saw the elevator full of people, you will have to struggle for own success.

An empty elevator has two meanings. On the one hand, it could bode success at work or great achievements and on the other - your efforts will not bring you any results.

If an elevator is seen by a child, this is a sign of good health and rapid growth. However, an elevator may also indicate that a kid has fears associated with height.

If you got stuck in the elevator, it tells that you will achieve many goals effortlessly, but then you will hesitate not knowing whether you want that or not. It is worth to think about it and understand own desires.

If an elevator stops, it signals of serious danger that threatens you. And to avoid the bad consequences you need to sacrifice something, even if it is not desirable. If you got stuck in an elevator surrounded by strangers, it's a sign that you will be lucky in love.

An elevator is a symbol of the movement, the desire to improve own status. If you found yourself in an old and scary elevator, it signifies that someone endangers your well-being.

According to psychoanalytic dream book by Freud, if you stuck in an elevator, it is a harbinger that your hopes for a happy and mutual love will fall short of expectations.

If you had a short of breath, you were scared to be inside of an elevator, and you almost lost hope to get out, it is likely that in reality you will have problems with the respiratory tract. It will be necessary to see a doctor.