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Elk - Meaning of Dream

An elk is a symbol of might and power.

If you’re seeing an elk in your dream, it suggests that you’ll find yourself in the thick of exciting things soon, where you’ll be a main character. It is impossible to say exactly, whether they will depend on you or not. Maybe, they’ll be a big surprise for you.

However, such a dream may have a slightly unpleasant meaning. It may imply that soon you’ll trap in some troubles. The only way to fix that problem is to act decisively. Be determined and confident in your words and deeds. Then you’ll not only get rid of your problems but will also succeed.

Seeing how an elk is mewing in a dream is a very good sign. It betokens you victory after you’ve put everything on the line. Probably, there’ll appear a rather risky business, which will be profitable, if everything’s alright. You may hesitate, whether adhere to it or not. No guts, no glory. Still, you should estimate your chances according to common sense and find out what is the percentage of your success.

If you’re catching an elk at its antlers in your dream, it denotes that very soon you’ll get a beneficial affair. It doesn’t mean that you can sit back and do nothing because there is a chance to lose it. Don’t relax! However, this affair will be profitable, it is a drop in the ocean comparing to the amount of work you’ll have in the future. Not to make this successful deal the last one, continue working. Mind that this dream has such a meaning only if you’re kind to an elk!

Taking part in hunting an elk as well as killing it implies that you’ll be confronted by difficulties soon, especially in your business life. It will take a wrong turning due to some circumstances. It can be an unsuccessful deal, financial difficulties, unreliable partners, lack of highly qualified personnel, etc. That’s why you’re expected to take thoroughgoing measures to fix these problems. Do your best not to lose a lifetime project. Still, there will be a period of financial hardship in your life. That’s why you won’t be able to afford having money to burn.

If in your dream an elk is attacking you, it indicates that there is your evil-wisher. Look out. You never know what will come to this person’s mind. Behave as usually. If he/she provokes conflict situations with you, don’t pay attention. He/she just envy. Or you can speak to such a person in a way understandable to him/her and explain that it would be better for him/her not to deal with you that way.

Seeing in your dream a big elk with mighty antlers or a doe with the fawns symbolizes material benefits and welfare. You can afford yourself living high.

If in your dream an elk is rushing at full speed through a forest, it foreshadows living a full but idle life.

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