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Elm - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of elm which has only yellow leaves signals of a slight indisposition, which will disappear quickly. If you see a cut in shape of heart, this is a harbinger of a new love, which will appear suddenly and will last for life. A young girl should get ready for upcoming marriage, her betrothed is very handsome and rich; the marriage will be very happy, so she should not refuse an offer of marriage, even if she does not like the person who will present her a gold ring .

An elm destroyed by old age says that you will to listen to the complaints of parents who will beg to move in to live with him, speculating with their disease. But you should not give in to these words, because the life might become unbearable.

An elm is a positive symbol, which in most cases, promises luck and success. However, some elements of a dream can give it a negative connotation; hence it is important not to miss a single detail in the interpretation of dreams.

If you see an elm, you will have life filled with happiness and all sorts of good things, but if the tree was felled by hurricane, you should be ready for trouble. For a young girl this dream threatens with break of relations with her boyfriend.

Hugging with elm foretells you the meeting with a soul mate, so in the near future do not avoid dating. If the tree was wrapped with a red ribbon, it is a harbinger of upcoming wedding. The newlyweds will be very happy in marriage, and they will have many children who will give them support in old age.

If you dream of lumberjack chopping elm, you will have problems at work, perhaps you will listen to criticism from your superiors and all because someone gossiped about you being envious for your success. You will have to make a compelling argument for own defense, or else you might lose your work.

Often such a dream may be associated with the emotional state of a person, so often this tree has very unusual color. If you dream of pink elm, it says that you wish to have love and family, but, unfortunately, that's not possible at the present moment; but in the future you will definitely meet your soul mate.

A dream in which your husband cuts an elm, says that his feelings has vanished, and he wants to get a divorce, because his heart is empty. A woman needs to let him go and should not despair.