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Enemy - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming about enemy indicates its actual presence in real life. In a short time you will need to contact him/her, defending own position in life, and protecting property. Confrontation will require lots of your energy, moral strength and chances are that you will be defeated.

If you could overwhelm an enemy in a dream, it symbolizes your success, confidence, luck that will help to overcome difficulties bestowed by destiny. There are hypocrites and liars in your surroundings, if you dreamed that your enemies talk behind your back.

Unsuccessful attempts of enemies to harm you in a dream symbolize your well-being in real life. Having a conversation with your enemy is a warning of dangers prepared by him/her in reality.

Dreaming of exhausted, weak enemy signals of achieving the targets set without scandals and deterioration of relations. To dream of physical violence against your enemy portends considerable trouble that you cause to him, which he can’t overcome. Perhaps you should demonstrate leniency.

Miller stated that enemy in a dream forebodes a fierce battle for own interests. Lack of effort on your part may result in losses. The victory in a dream foreshadows that in reality you may overcome all obstacles on the path leading to success.

If you dream like you defeated your enemies, it foretells that in real life you have enough strength to overcome the impending challenges.

If your close person becomes your enemy in a dream, you will have a pleasant surprise.

To kick an enemy bodes victory over competitors, now you are the most strong and persistent in reaching personal goals.