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Engine - Meaning of Dream

Often, most people don’t trust dreams and believe that they are just not worth of attention. But it is incorrect conclusion, because everything that happened to you is not accidental and you need to try to focus on it. Further you can learn more about what an engine means.

If the engine is just lying on the ground, it means that a dreamer is tortured by love for a certain person, but he/she will be afraid to demonstrate it. In this case, you need to forget about worries; chances are that she/he will respond to your feelings.

If the engine is not in a proper form, broken, or scratched, this advises you not to show your feelings now, because you may not be understood correctly, at least not as you would like.

A dream in which an engine is a gift means that a dreamer will be able to achieve the desired; despite everything he/she will move on. Only own strength is enough, and you shouldn’t listen to people around, since they are not very good with advises, and can only mislead and confuse.

If you discover an engine at home, it foretells that soon you will be visited by guests from abroad, whom you had not seen for several years. You must try to prepare for their visit as fast as possible.

If you dream of a broken engine, it warns that you shouldn’t open to anyone in upcoming future, it will not bring any profit and will only break your feelings. Your impulses and intentions can be understood not in the way you would like.

Any dream can be interpreted easily, if you remember all its details.

To stand next to the engine, for a woman means that she will be surrounded by several men who will give her attention. For a man, this dream symbolizes a lot of troubles at work.