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Engineer - Meaning of Dream


An engineer in your dreams is an important character, who can say much about your future. Mostly, it symbolizes professional achievements or failures.

If you are an engineer in your dream, it is a sign that soon you’ll find an unusual and authentic way in solving some problem. I bet that some particular situation has already crossed your mind. Don’t leave it thinking that trying to solve it is in vain. Instead think it over and over again, look at it from another angle, and gather opinions of others. A good variant is to postpone it for some time. Then you can return to it with fresh thoughts. Everybody will be greatly impressed with the way of your thoughts and original mind. It will be a sample for your future dilemmas. You wouldn’t ever think that there is such a way out.

Being an engineer in your dream also shows that your efforts will be crowned with success. You’ll have to make efforts though. So, do what you like, do it with your whole soul, and your contribution will be obligatory recognized and rewarded. Your moment of glory is still ahead.

If in your dream you’re communicating with an engineer, it signifies that soon you’ll receive a sound advice about some thorny problem. Listen to the advice! They can appear to be keys which will help you to get out of a trouble.

Seeing an engineer in your dream in global sense implies that your whole life is under your control. You are a person who can take a reality check. You can arrange small parts into some meaningful picture; you can put everything together.

Also, the same dream of seeing an engineer denotes that you’ll make a lot of journeys in a row. They will be tiresome for you. Probably, it refers to your future business trips. Don’t feel blue ‘cause of this prediction. A couple of joyful meetings will surely cheer you up! Maybe you’ll accidentally meet your old friends who you haven’t seen for ages, or you’ll become acquainted with an interesting person/people.

Seeing an engineer in your dreams has one more meaning. It forebodes that you’ll have to be especially attentive, inventive, prudent, accurate and observant in the nearest future. These traits of character will help you a lot in making a bargain with important partners, in making a profit, in making misunderstandings with your friends clear, in picking up an acquaintance, etc. Have a responsible attitude toward everything you do, and success won’t make you waiting.

If there’s an engineer with a tape-measure and ruler in your dream, it suggests that you’ll acquire additional concerns and troubles soon. You’ll get down to unusual to you affairs rather energetically and eagerly, although you’ll like to be engaged in them. It’s your small victory. Finally, you’ve found a hobby for yourself. Maybe some time it’ll start bringing you income. It’ll be a double victory.

If in your dream an engineer is showing you some numbers which you don’t understand at all, it means that it is time for you to take a break. You are tired. Have a rest! Look aside from work and responsibilities. Otherwise, success of your business won’t last long.

If in your dream an engineer is drawing something with a pencil, it is a favorable sign, which says that you’ve found an occupation to your liking.