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England - Meaning of Dream

If you travel to England in your dream, it is a sign that soon you will spend a lot of money. This may be as well a trip or an expensive purchase that can make you happy.

If you speak English in your dream, it means that you will be successful in business, but in private life you will have some failures and will feel loneliness and grief.

In a dream you read English literature, it is a sign that you will live in boredom. Some period of time your life will be grey and not joyful. If you want to diversify your existence, you can renew your relationship with your old friends and become more socialized.

If you see England on the map, it means that you will need to fight for your rights, and your surroundings will not support you. Perhaps, your point of view on some matter is incomparable to ethical values of people around.

To meet an English man in your dream, means that this dream warns you about numerous troubles which will soon fall on your shoulders. If you dream of a strange looking English man who speaks to you, and you don’t understand you, it means that you need to avoid new acquaintances, because you risk losing some belongings due to your inattentiveness.

To hear an English man’s speech and understand it, means that situations will be clear to you, and you will be able to manage it for your own benefit.