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Enrollee - Meaning of Dream

If in your dream you see an enrollee passing exams – you have to be ready for important events and affairs, effectiveness of which will only depend on you. If you see yourself as an enrollee and you don’t pass the exam – you will manage a new deal and the result will be in your hands.

If you dreamed that you become an enrollee, it means that you take on more responsibility than you should. Be a little more of a frivolous person and do not think that you need to keep everything under control.

If you see a lot of enrollees in your dream, it means that your life changes are coming. Perhaps you will be offered another job with higher salary and it will be more promising in terms of career growth.

If in a dream your loved one became an enrollee in the university - you should soon pay more attention to this person. At the moment there appear important events in his/her life and he/she requires friends and family support.

If you dream that you are a member of a selection committee and you conduct an examination for enrollees, it means that in the coming days, you should not believe everything that people tell you.

Dreaming that you have unsuccessfully passed an exam means that you will soon have a new and important business. However, the effectiveness of this affair will depend only upon you.