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Entrance - Meaning of Dream

Enter in a dream often symbolizes the entry into a new stage of life.

Entrance to the house of a dreamer signifies of a deeper dive into own soul.

Entrance to the cave, basement or other underground facilities can symbolize dive into the unconscious.

If you want to enter the cluttered or locked house, it can mean difficulties or fears associated with the process of entering.

Within the meaning of the logic: "enter" or "exit" in a dream is the entrance to the new specified period of life, activity, relationships, or "exit" of the situation, experiences related to specific feelings, behavior, and thus - completion of anything.

If you dream as if you walk through a door, it might portend your unsuccessful attempts to get revenge over enemies or detractors. But if you see the door of a house, where your childhood was spent, it bodes that in future you will experience happiness and will be surrounded by soul mates.

Dreaming about entering a pawnshop, foreshadows that you might experience loss and frustration shortly after waking up.

Entering own house through the window foretells that you might be caught for performing illegal methods of achieving noble goal, which seems to be so only at first glance.

To observe like other people enter the door indicates possible difficulties in bringing order to affairs.