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Escape - Meaning of Dream

Escape in a dream has several designations, it is important to remember your feelings in a dream. In some cases, by escaping in a dream, a person is trying to get rid of everyday real problems. Some dreams are interpreted as a salvation and personal exemption. Pay attention to details and you will always be able to accurately interpret a dream.

If you are experiencing fear and you save yourself by the means of escape, it means that you do not want to solve emerging problems. Moreover, that situation is beyond your strength due to spirit weakness and uncertainty in actions. But, no matter how many times you delay it, the problem will not be solved alone, and eventually in real life your hopes will collapse causing you deep depression.

According to Miller’s dream book, if you escape from the crime scene, it is a sign that in real life you will face dishonor. Watch your actions, because you might stand trial.

If you see like someone escapes from you, it means that you will face a traitor or will become a victim of treason. If you dream that first you run away, and then stop and meet your pursuer face to face, it means that you can avoid all the problems, and manage any difficult situation with the dignity.

In Vanga’s dream book it says, if you escape from a stranger, it might be a sign of disease of the internal organs and the hematopoietic system. Be sure to undergo a medical examination and a course of preventive procedures. If you run away from someone in particular and you experience anxiety in this dream, it is a sign of a failure of your ambitious plans. But if you manage to escape from a pursuer, in reality you will be able to prevent the collapse.

According to Freud's dream book, if you escape from someone, it is a warning that you may lose your partner because of a rival. If you try to escape from somebody in a dream, it means that in real life they will spoil your reputation. For a woman, to see a dream where her beloved one runs away means that there is another person in her heart now. The same can be interpreted for a man.

Escape is considered as one of the variants of agnostic behavior, therefore it has hidden aggressive potential, and something elusive from dreamer’s conscious mind that is recalled in memory.

If you run fast like escaping from somebody, it is a warning sign, you need to visit psychologist.

To escape from a prison – means divorce, to escape from animals – sorrow, from person – happiness.