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Europe - Meaning of Dream

A dream about Europe symbolizes possible changes in your life. But they aren’t necessarily bad; they can be good as well if you want.

If you had a dream in which you were travelling around Europe, it is a prophetic one. It denotes that there are really good chances for you to go off on a journey very soon. No matter whether it will be a business trip or the one just for your pleasure, you will return refreshed and rested. You will be totally satisfied with it. This journey is going to be not only pleasant but also useful. You’ll broaden your horizons with its help; learn a lot of new and exciting about a country you’ve visited, its people, the way of their life, customs, a world view, etc. Also, this trip will make you underline some important things for yourself. Meditation about them will push you to introduce them into your regular life in your homeland. Hopefully, they will settle down and be useful for you. Keep in mind that a man needs to have such a rest. It will affect his/her working potential and endurance positively.

Besides, a dream of travelling around Europe forebodes increase of your income. But you should remember that it can come true only if you make honest efforts for this. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet.

If you were travelling around Europe but you weren’t satisfied with it in your dream, it suggests that you’ll miss, probably, the most crucial chance ever given to you. Its aim is to improve your life greatly. Certainly, it isn’t the end of the world, and there will be plenty of other opportunities which will help you to gain what you want. All the same, don’t hasten to reject even the one which seems to you weak. Firstly, consider it thoroughly. It can be that “the most crucial chance ever”.

Emigrating to one of the European countries illegally refers to radical changes in your life. Don’t feel blue! They can be both of a positive and negative character. It is in your hands to set a direction you want.

If you were waiting for a guest from Europe, it foreshadows a tough period in your relations with someone. There can be a run of misunderstandings and conflicts. If you know that it is possible, try to prevent it. If not, you’d better not add fuel to the fire. It is time for you to finish the projects you’ve already begun; you’d better leave the new ones for later – there is a chance that they won’t be as successful as you expect and will make you suffer great losses.