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European-quality repair - Meaning of Dream

A European-quality repair in your dreams stands for noticeable changes in your life.

If you’ve seen in your dream that you or somebody else was making a full renovation, it is a favorable sign which bodes positive changes in your life. You’ll gain (at least partly) what you have always wanted. Your skills will be obligatory recognized, and you will be employed or promoted (if you already have a job). In any case, your financial position will be significantly improved. Finally, you can afford the things you have dreamt about for long. But don’t spend money with both hands as soon as you feel your power and independence. Try to save some. There necessarily will be a situation when you need them desperately. Think about not only today, but about your and your family’s future as well. Also, you should expect changes in your private life. If you are single, it won’t last long. Rather soon, you’ll get acquainted with an interesting person who can become someone special for you. Don’t shirk if your friend wants to arrange a double date. It can exceed all expectations!

Seeing that someone is making a renovation or repairing something in your dream is a sign that now you can lighten your burden at least a little. You can share your responsibilities with someone. Finally, you’ll get time for yourself. It will let you look at your life differently – you will see more pleasant moments in it.

Although, if you are repairing something yourself in your dream, it denotes the opposite. You’ll be entrusted with more responsibilities, or your work will become more difficult. You’ll get used to it with time! Probably, it is the way in which your authorities show you that they pay high tribute to your services and experience. Consequently, their appreciation will cost much more. It is another good point for you.

If there was a European-quality repair made by you in your dream, it foreshadows a pleasant surprise soon.

But if you have just planned to make a repair in your dream, it suggests that your demands and desires do not correspond with your capabilities. You want to live high, but you haven’t done enough to afford this. Try harder, and your dream about having money to burn will come true soon.