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Evangel - Meaning of Dream

An evangel image in our dreams is a favorable sign. It denotes that a person who had such a dream will live in harmony and feel heart’s-ease in his/her life. You will be successful in a professional sphere as well as in a domestic one. Being a kindhearted, sincere and understanding person, other people like you at the first glance; you can easily find a common language with them. You are not inclined to weaving plots, spreading gossips, judging people groundlessly, playing dirty tricks. That’s why you don’t have ill-wishers and can sleep well at night.

Also, such a dream implies that you will go off on a journey soon or make a scientific discovery.

If you have been reading an evangel in your dream, in reality it suggests that you want to cleanse yourself from wickedness. Probably, you find some people’s actions or events disgusting. Unfortunately, you cannot improve this fact yet. That’s why you want to get rid of their negative influence and have nothing common with them. Or it is you who have sinned in your waking life, and now you are conscience-stricken. The sense of guilt haunts you even in your dreams. To get out of it, you should correct your mistakes and do everything right. On the other hand, if you are conscience-stricken, everything is not lost.

Also, this dream presages huge success in your beginnings. It is the best time to start bringing your ideas to life.

Holding an evangel in your hands is a good omen. It represents that you’ll be occupied with something to your liking in your life. You must be really glad of this! You are a lucky beggar. Not everyone can boast with finding his/her life passion, and even less people can boast that their passion has become their work. It is what a person needs to carry out his/her work in the best possible way. Consequently, this person will have a decent income to maintain herself/himself and his/her family. This is happiness. When you are really interested in something, all difficulties will be within your depth.