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Evening - Meaning of Dream


Evening means unfulfilled dreams. Whatever events a person sees in the dream, in any case it takes place at any given time of the year and part of the day. It is necessary to pay attention to such global circumstances. Let’s interpret the dream where such actions take place in the evening.

If you dream of apparent change of a day period for the evening, it means that soon you will experience frustration, and your dreams will not come true. It is worth thinking about the correctness of your actions, the way of life in recent times. Apparently, you need to change something in habitual behavior.

It is very important, for decrypting of such dream, to remember which landscape accompanied a dream. Depending on this you will know whether to wait something good after such dream or it is a prediction and warning of danger.

So, if you see yourself in a dream on the ocean or the sea shore in the evening, it means, that soon you will be able to know the name of your detractors. For this, it is necessary to perform something else: to light three candles, put coffee beans in it, salt and hair; each artifact put in a separate flame.

To dream of an evening in the forest, is a sign, which bode evil. It promises a failure at work or at school. According to the legend, in order to avoid this, you need to get around your house three times counterclockwise, and stay awake up to three hours at night. However, do not take such things seriously. It is better to use this time for thorough preparation for a presentation or exam and go to sleep just before eleven, in order to have enough sleep and accept a battle in a cheerful and energetic state. Evening can be used for recreation, not to be nervous in the big day.

Bad omen is an evening walk with anyone. If you dream that you walk in the evening with a friend, it means upcoming quarrel; walk in the evening with a loved one, the imminent parting. Therefore it is necessary to know what evening spent with a soul mate mean. If you want the bad prediction to fail, you need to pay more attention to your relations, if it represents true value for you. After all, true love or friendship can’t be broken by any dreams. However, this walk can warn about health problems, someone with whom the person is walking in his sleep. In this case you should make sure that the disease will not appear by surprise and help with disease prevention.

Bright stars in the night/evening sky signify failures, but they will not be too heavy and, most importantly, durable. Very quickly it will be replaced by the whole series of great success.

So, if events occur during evening in your dream, it promises a whole little good. But, nevertheless, you should not be upset. Evening often remains on the periphery and accompanies something basic in a dream. Therefore, one should pay more attention to this basic and not to dwell on the bad. In any case, everything in your hands!

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