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Evil - Meaning of Dream

Evil in a dream can mean danger that warns you. If in a dream you see some kind of evil expression, but you pass by without a fear, it portends success. If evil actions are performed by someone you have never seen before, it indicates your confusion in real life.

If you noticed evil in the eyes of a loved one, you will be disappointed in business. The evil that is done by a child, tell that most likely your desire is not feasible. But if you defeat the evil, you will experience the real joy.

If you dream of evil without experiencing any strong emotions, it tells that your worries about destiny of a certain person are groundless. However, in most cases, the dream about evil always brings some troubles.

If you are angry because of friend’s behavior, in reality you will also have some misunderstandings with him/her. If you are upset about your husband, it bodes the quarrel as well, however your family well-being will be stabilized fast.

If you happened to see the expression of someone’s evil nature, be prepared for the fact that the pile of new problems may come upon you suddenly.

If you argue with your loved ones in a dream, it portends misfortunes and failed circumstances.

Note that you can fix bad situation that the dream promises: try not to quarrel with friends and family; control emotions.

Evil carries a destructive energy and you need to think about the reason for it; try to control your emotions and everything will be fine. You are concerned about something, but do not worry, everything will go perfectly.

If a stranger does evil or harms you, in reality luck will not accompany your family and friends.

If you cause evil to others, it is a sign that you will do bidding, and mean person will make you get involved in the commitment of an evil act. This action will cause irreparable damage to your reputation, and some friends will be disappointed with and decide to stop communication.

A dreaming of global evil or some objects and mythical characters traditionally identified with evil is a symbol of your secret fears and fears. This dream reminds you that all actions and events have positive and negative sides, so you have to remember about the possible bad consequences of own decisions and actions.

Miller believed that if the evil has settled in your soul and you perform horrible, immoral acts, it is a bad sign presaging danger and defilement of good reputation. Some people from your environment will try to persuade you to commit an act that would cause harm to others. If the dark side of your soul takes over and you do something bad, many people will soon know about it and will consider you as an unprincipled and hangdog.