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Excrement - Meaning of Dream

Excrement is a sign of monetary gain. Dreaming of shit almost always foretells great benefit, even in the most risky venture, requiring not so much of your effort as banal luck. Perhaps you can receive a large inheritance.

The larger the size of seen excrement is, the bigger profit you will get.

However, there is an alternative interpretation, where details of a dream help to unravel the meaning.

When dreaming about manure – be ready for series of large and small joys. For a farmer, the dream about manure promises a rich harvest.

If you dreamed of liquid feces, then in reality somebody can defame or defraud you. To get dirty with it foretells that you will learn some secret of your close people, but they will not know about it.

Trying to wash off shit can only mean that somebody will betray you, by using information, which you have carefully concealed.

If you know that shit is somewhere in the room, you look for it but can’t find, this dream portends that your personal life will be interfered by large number of people.

If you had a dream about vacuum trucks, cleaning latrines - in real life, you have to be in the company of not very nice people, whom will be difficult to get rid of.

To shovel shit from the toilet on your own is not a good sign, it forebodes that someone can scrape up all your money, it symbolizes poverty.

Shit in a dream may also point at your inner discontent. If there is too much of excrement, it also indicates that you have negative perception in life, and miss a lot of bright and joyful moments.

Stepping into a pile of poop would mean that because of your bad mood, you can get into trouble.

If you dream that you slipped on the poop, it is a warning that you urgently need to change the view for life, otherwise you may incur heavy losses.

If you dream that you see shit, it bodes that you will experience improvement of the financial situation. On this day, all your business transactions will be profitable, which means it's time to act. But people, who are not engaged in business, will have gifts and surprises.