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Execution - Meaning of Dream

If you see someone sentenced to death in a dream, it symbolizes the ruin, shame, and ignominious death. You can avoid misfortune, if you carefully choose friends and people whom you trust your secrets.

If you happen to see the execution and you feel sorry for the sentenced person, it tells that in real world you are on the way to significant change in personal life.

If you observe the execution of the condemned man, it bodes serious problems in business. The cause for complications is reckless and thoughtless decision of your business partners.

If you announce the final verdict, portends a truce with a person sentenced to death.

If you were tortured, threatened with death and forced to deny religion in a dream, in reality you will experience public recognition and wealth.

The audience that was present on your execution in a dream, in real life is your enemies; be careful when closing risky transactions, especially in the near future.

If you miraculously escaped the execution, in fact, by a happy coincidence, you will escape from responsibility in a difficult and unpleasant matter.

Execution in a dream may also portend a long business trip.

If you have worries about something, the dream about execution portends easy resolution of the disease and problems. In a dream you were sentenced to be burned at the stake, in real life, you need to get rid of bad habits, or else you are threatened with public shame.

In Miller’s dream book, own execution portends failures in reality because of the careless actions of a friend. A dreaming, in which your execution was abolished at the last moment for unknown reasons, predicts triumph over foes, successful activities, and considerable wellbeing.