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Exhibition - Meaning of Dream

Exhibition in a dream foretells great deceit on the part of close people. Hiding behind the beautiful and flattering speeches, they will really pursue selfish interests. If you came to the exhibition you risk spoiling your crystal clear reputation.

Meeting with a friend or a girl in the exhibition hall portends great disappointment about coward betrayal of a friend, whom you sincerely considered as your honest and worthy old friend.

If you dreamed of your own works exhibited at the exhibition, it looks like you are not too picky in choosing friends, so surrounded yourself by gossipers and envious, who may treat you very treacherously.

If you are an organizer of the exhibition - prepare for a meeting with a person who is destined to play a fatal role in your destiny.

Being a sponsor represents your real appetite for quick gains, and you might be engaged in making investments that look attractive from the material point of view, but it may turn into a rather dubious enterprise.

If you tell something about an exhibition to other people - your activities will make you famous.

Exhibition in the dream book by Miller is interpreted as a harbinger of deceit, mostly be people who use your unlimited trust. If you held somebody’s work in your hands, in the near future your family will need assistance. If you were the exhibit – it is a caveat: you have to work hard not to destroy own career.

Freud interpreted contemplation of the exhibits as an indication of your concerns about some problems. It looks like you have convinced yourself that you can’t handle it, but really you're just too lazy to work on it and prefer to wait patiently for other’s help.

If you dream as if you arrange an exhibition of own works, it means that in real life your achievements will not be appreciated.

To visit an exhibition of science and technology means that you are in constant creative search.

If you are an organizer of the exhibition, where you seek to anticipate everything and be ready in time, it is a reflection of the work that you do in reality. You just need to rest, or at least to have a respite.