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Exit - Meaning of Dream

If you exit the house where your childhood was spent and which associates with many happy memories, it is a bad omen that signals of mistakes and warns of impending quarrel with a powerful man. In some cases, this dream shows that a danger of real trouble hunts you, in consequence of which you can lose much of your financial state or get seriously ill. In order to avoid the disaster, you need to solve the long-standing problems and to improve relations with former business partners and old friends. For people who currently have serious unresolved problems, if they exit office or business institution in a dream, it is a good sign, foretelling that soon all the difficulties will be eliminated and their business will not only improve, but will even go uphill.

If you exit large and complicated maze after many hours of wandering, it is a favorable sign that promises you a solution to all problems, improving relations with someone you love and encouragement from management at work. Maybe soon you will be given the award, or will improve your job performance.

Miller interpreted exiting house in a hurry as a troublesome trip associated with an unpleasant matter for you. Also, the dream may mean that soon you will have a need to address several affairs at once, requiring immediate action, but in a hurry you won’t take into account all the nuances and make the wrong decision.

A young woman who exits her house in a dream is not a good sign, indicating that the surrounding people slander her and might commit some treacherous act, which can affect the reputation of a dreamer not in the best way.

If you dream that you exit the house by running away through a window, it is an omen of upcoming disaster which can change your life into a kind of nightmare. Over some time, you will be able to find a way out of the situation and get rid of the trouble, but your loved ones will have to deal with the consequences of this disaster.

If you dream that you exit a house- in reality you will not find a way out of the situation. Also it is a sign of apartment loss.