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Explosion - Meaning of Dream

If you watch an explosion in a dream, you may get into a hopeless, dead-end situation. In particular, the young lady should be especially cautious – she can be a victim of own trust.

The sound of an explosion heard in a dream predicts a clear danger, a threat to your family member. If you dream that you don’t have any fear before explosion, then the troubles of your relatives you will not affect you. Otherwise, the circumstances can take a serious turn and will hurt your reputation. If the explosion caused you injury or mutilation, it foretells that in reality your failures will be noticed by new detractors. You will be worried a lot not only because of own failures, but also because of gossips and ill-wishers. Betrayal is symbolized by a dream in which you see the results of explosion: destruction and ruins.

If you dream that your or somebody else’s face was injured by explosion, it warns that you will be accused of cheating and excessive talkativeness.

If you heard whizz of fragments, it portends failure and indicates your irresponsible behavior. Feeling the effect of the blast wave marks the contact with unworthy people. They will try to get on the right side of you in order to take advantage of you.

The dream about explosions – is an evil dream. It bodes that someone you know will be the reason of your troubles and loss.

To observe smoldering ruins after the explosion portends financial collapse and deterioration of relations with people.

If you see an atom explosion, this dream forebodes that you will break up with your partner or something bad will happen to him/her.

If you see fragments of something and smoke after the explosion, you will have failures at work.

The dream where you see a grenade explosion means that luck will help you to avoid the disaster.

If you explode something in a dream – soon you will have a crucial event.