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Extinguish - Meaning of Dream

Fire in a dream symbolizes cleansing from the old, and changes. And for many people it is very important. In order to let something new into your life, first you need to get rid of the oppressive burden of the past. Therefore, a dream, in which you see a house on fire, can be considered as a positive omen. Burning house also bodes true friends who are always happy to see you; loving relationship among household. The dreams about burning warehouse, shops, office or factory have the same meaning. For entrepreneurs this dream promises success in business and increase of profits.

But if the fire itself heralds positive change, when you extinguish the fire, it is a bad dream. If a person is trying to extinguish the fire alone, it says that in real life he/she is trying to reach more than it is possible. Extinguishing the fire in a symbolic sense means to be trapped in vain hassle and bustle that is just moving a dreamer away from true success.

On the other hand, if you do not take any effort, the result won’t be achieved, moreover, a dreamer can become a victim of high forces. Therefore, if you see yourself on the ashes of your home or other buildings, it is not a good sign. You need to remember about it! The subconscious mind says that life and work is neglected, and it is necessary to start solving problems. It can also indicate the current status of dissatisfaction and longing for the sweet past. If you see the victims of fire, it portends problems, perhaps someone from the family feels unwell, and soon this state will develop into the disease.

Fire in a dream can also predict upcoming repair or move out. Different dream interpretations have own opinion about fire in a dream. Thus, the prophetess Vanga said unequivocally that forest in fire can predict severe prolonged drought.

The psychoanalyst Freud argued that the fire extinguishing indicates health problems of intimate parts. At the same time, to be in the center of the fire means that a dreamer feels uncertainty in own abilities, fear of being invalid with a sexual partner.

Nostradamus believed that taking part in extinguishing the fire means that a person prefers to go with the usual course of life, is afraid to fight and defend own point of view, and is afraid change own life completely.

Conversely, if a person does not extinguish the fire, but starts it, this means that he/she is ready to reorganize own plans and revise own beliefs and habits.

Dreams interpreter Lohff believed that a person extinguishes not the fire, but own passion in relationships with people, who are not sincere with him/her.