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Extort - Meaning of Dream

If you are engaged in extortion in your dream, it signifies of your disappointed in real life. The cause of such a state will depend on the outcome of events that are very important for you. If you can’t solve the situation alone, try to ask somebody for help - asking needs no pay.

If somebody extorts your belongings or property and you can’t resist it – you will not allow yourself to be harmed, you know how to defend or protect yourself. And this time ill-wishers will not ruin your plans or undertakings.

A dream about robbers being engaged in extortion warns you about the necessity to provide yourself with financial support. At this time you need to borrow some money, because you will not be able to afford anything you want only with finances you have at the moment.

If you see like someone extorts your money, it foreshadows that you will be an object of a great slander.

If you dream that someone tries to extort your money with all possible methods, and you resist it strongly - do not worry, you will be able to defend your business. Your affairs will not collapse due to your readiness to act in any situation forgetting about prejudice and groundless worries.

To dream of a blackmailer who threatens you and extorts your money foretells an arrival of children asking for material help.