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Eyebrows - Meaning of Dream

Eyebrows in a dream predict sudden flash of mutual love with your partner, who had recently rejected your love-making attempts. This dream can also promise fun and carefree pastime with your folks.

If you dream of thick and beautiful eyebrows, such a dream guarantees you a secure life with recognition in society.

If you see somebody else’s bushy eyebrows, according to the dream interpreter, it is an indication of upcoming surprise which will make you angry.

Completely fallen out eyebrows and eyelashes foretell many troubles, because of the forfeit of property and money.

Thin eyebrows symbolize failed love; shaved eyebrows portend great remorse for misdeeds in relation to the family.

If you burn your eyebrows under unknown circumstances, it means that in real life you will challenge the right for inheritance.

To pluck eyebrows in a dream means that you will make mistakes and will have complications in relationships.

A woman, who paints her eyebrows, will experience the happiness of easy life with love and prosperity.

If you see somebody else without eyebrows, you will be irritated by insolent deception and sluggishness of people.

If you pluck eyebrows for somebody else in a dream, you will get to know about death of a stranger.

To see wide eyebrows means to have quarrels with colleague and friends. Try to remain dispassionate and don’t demonstrate your irritation to others.

If dark eyebrows accreted together, it means that because of your fruitful work you wellbeing will improve, and ailments will not disturb you.