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Fable - Meaning of Dream

To tell fable in a dream means that soon you will have a good chance to read very interesting literature. Don’t reject this chance, it will greatly distract you from problems in life.

For young people such a dream is a sign of romantic adventures. If you tell fables to somebody, in figurative sense, it means that in real life somebody will lie to you and you will not recognize the dirty trick.

In a dream you learn fables by heart, in real life you will be trapped in unpleasant event, maybe car accident. Try to avoid long distances after such a dream.

If you make up/create a fable in a dream, it means that in real life you will demonstrate your creativity. It is time to show own skills to your boss and to receive a good desirable reward. If somebody doesn’t believe in your abilities, you need to prove it, but don’t give up in any case.

To tell stories in a dream means to receive unexpected happiness in life. You won’t even know which sphere of your life will change, but it won’t be long in coming and you will be happy about it.

If you hear that somebody tells you stories, according to the dream interpreter, somebody of your friends and his/her family will be pleased by joyful events in life. To hear stories means wedding, read stories – rumors.