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Face - Meaning of Dream

Seeing unfamiliar faces in your dream foretokens acquaintance with new people. Don’t hasten to reject some of them because they haven’t justified your expectations, they annoy you or you just don’t like them. Most likely, you didn’t manage to discern them. Because of your inflated ego, you can lose a chance to strike up friendship with a very good person. Single girls/women as well as boys/men should be rather attentive not to miss their sweetheart because of their cavil. They can deeply regret about their behavior a bit later.

If there is an open, sincere, sweet and joyful face of someone in your dream, it means that you’ll succeed very soon. Moreover, the success will catch you both in business and private life. Probably, you’ll be promoted. If you are the owner of some business, you’ll sign up a very profitable agreement. If you’re still single but want to meet someone special, you will before you can say Jack Robinson.

The opposite dream with an ugly, angry and gloomy face has the opposite interpretation to the previous one. It presages a row of misfortunes in your life. Keep in mind that it is temporary and everybody faces it a few times during his/her life. If to look at such an interpretation differently, it can be useful for us. As we know, we learn from our mistakes and hardships. Success can give us nothing in respect of new knowledge and experience, only satisfaction, pleasure and peace. Don’t give up. If you truly wish something, you’ll get it despite all pitfalls on your way.

If you’re seeing your own or somebody else’s face in your dream and it is fresh and beautiful, it betokens the opposite. You should take additional care of your health because you can be confronted with the problems of different complexity. Don’t be lazy to run all necessary medical examinations if something at least slightly disturbs you. You cannot know whether it can be a start of some serious disease development or not. Precaution is never too much. You shouldn’t worry if you’re seeing a pale and tired face in your dream. It foreshadows a wonderful state of health, of course, only under a condition that you’ll do your best to keep it in such a state.

If you are washing yourself in your dream, it designates that you’ll probably regret about some of your actions from the past. So, be attentive when you communicate with people. You can choose the words which may offend someone and hurt their feelings even if you don’t mean anything bad. Behave reasonably in any situation and circle of people.

Covering your face with your hands in a dream presages unfavorable news in the nearest future.

If there is somebody else’s reflection in the mirror instead of yours, it is a bad omen. It betokens worsening of the state of your health. But if you’re seeing your face reflection in water, such a dream portends long and happy life.

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