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Facet - Meaning of Dream

To dream that one of the glass facets is not symmetrical with the rest, in reality be ready for a hype that will turn into a tragedy. A dreamer should be more careful and not trust to known people who sometimes lie for their own benefit.

If a girl is observing the facets of a square, in reality she will argue with a few guys who will take care of her and seek her reciprocity. Their goal is to have sex with her, and for that they will undertake any kind of meanness, even proposals of marriage. Girl should not believe any of them, otherwise her life will become a hell, because everyone will know about her intimate life.

Draw the line between past and future reflects means that in reality you are trying to forget about the committed errors that have haunted you for several years.

Facet can be a harbinger of a wide variety of events in a person's life, including not quite good, so it is important to take into account this symbol and heed the warning of Morpheus.

To dream of a glass facet bodes that in reality a dreamer will try to overcome own principles and get rid of habits that spoiled his/her life. In order to manage such a difficult task, he/she will ask for help and support from friends who can inspire.

To admire the perfect diamond facets foretells to get the state, which you have never dreamed of.

For unmarried girl, this dream forebodes a meeting with her ​​future husband, who is very rich and will fall in love with her ​​at first sight, so she should not reject his attention even because of girlish pride, as the guy will have very vulnerable nature.

To observe the facets of the crystal pyramid portends that you will have to take a very difficult decision; and in order not to make a mistake, you should look at the problem from different angles, and it is better to ask advice from three people with different views for life.

Different dream interpreters see various symbols in a dream about facets. For example, Freud suggests a dreamer to think more about own satisfaction in bed rather than partner’s, so he/she can get more pleasure. Miller’s dream book portends a meeting with an old friend, whom he/she had long forgotten.

Hasse recommended being careful in choosing friends; and looking not only at their wallet, but also on the moral qualities, as in friendship they are much more important.

If you believe to famous Nostradamus, the dream foretells divorce because of lie. Facet also symbolizes losses and parting, so in order to avoid misfortunes it is better to tell a dream to your close friend.