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Fair - Meaning of Dream

Fair in the modern dream book. If you dream that you are visiting a fair, such dream promises profitable management of all affairs. You will find companions, with whom the cooperation will be pleasant and profitable. Now it is time to double your income, so whatever you do, try to increase the productivity and your financial wellbeing will be significant. At this time, it is important not to forget about your family and pay as much attention as they need. Do not also waste your money and time for useless things, it will not bring you any pleasure, and will possibly decrease your state.

If a woman sees herself on a fair, it means that she will soon meet a fun-natured man, who might be a future faithful partner in life, or her husband.

Miller's dream book says that fair in a dream is a good sign. If you wander around on the fair, it means that everything will be successful and your business partners will be smart and friendly. You can work as a close-knit team and this will contribute to a great course of affairs. The dream about visiting the fair for a single woman promises her a reliable optimistic mate with a cheerful but confident character.

The dream, in which a girl walks through the fair, warns her that soon she will have to make a choice among her fans. If she buys a lot of things in a fair, it means that in reality she will be disappointed in her beloved one. However, if she bargains with a seller while purchasing, in real life she will be able to convince her partner to change his lifestyle. If a girl dreams that she plays the role of fair trader and actively offers her product, it is a warning that in reality she is too persistent with her friendship.

If a young man dreams that he came to the fair and walks through shopping arcades, in reality he needs to stop attending parties for a while, because there is a danger that he gets into trouble. If he does shopping, the dream warns that his behavior is the reason for many enemies. If he sees himself as a salesman, then he will be able to gain prestige among his peers. If he actively offers goods in a fair, in reality he will be a leader in his company. The dream, in which a man sees the appearance of actors on a fair, portends a series of entertaining and pleasant events.

For a married woman to see herself as a seller on a fair means that her husband will make an expensive gift soon. For a married man to buy something on a fair means that his wife will jealous with suspicions.

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