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Falling - Meaning of Dream

Falling is a totally unfavorable sign in your dreams. It has no good meanings. Its interpretations are closely connected with our emotions and consequences of this process in real life. Except scare and injuries, we get nothing.

If you are falling in your dream, it cautions you against getting down to new projects. New beginnings can be unsuccessful. It’s better to wait a little. During this time you can improve your strategy and make it more profitable, for example. Consider such a prediction as a hint to gain more experience because you may be confronted by the situations you know nothing about. Maybe, you shouldn’t hasten with undertaking a new business now. Weigh all pros and cons before starting it. When evil days are behind, you can easily be wrapped up in work.

If you’ve fallen and is frightened because of it, such a dream threatens you with numerous problems both in business and private life. Although, it must be taken into account that despite all of them you’ll gain success. It is within your depth to overcome all obstacles. You shouldn’t lose your head in front of each of them. Be reasonable, calm and wise while solving these problems. Remember that everyone at least once goes through a series of misfortunes in his/her life.

A bad omen is a dream in which you’ve hurt yourself in the result of falling. It foreshadows a loss. It can be both of a financial and emotional character. You should take additional care of your own and your family members’ health. If you feel even a slight malady, find time to apply to a doctor and run a medical examination. Don’t grudge money and efforts because you may be very sorry for your negligence in the future. What you should do next is to take under your control the state of affairs in your office. You should be extremely attentive because there can be a person/people who want to make a profit out of your achievements and dip hand into your purse. Also, you should devote more attention to your beloved not to lose him/her forever.

A height from which you’ve fallen also matters in the process of a dream interpretation. If it is a rather serious one, it means that very soon you may fall on evil days. There will be a series of misfortunes in your life. It’ll be extremely difficult for you to cope with it; you’ll have to make a lot of efforts. In the long run, you’ll come out victorious. If the height is insignificant, it denotes that you’ll get into troubles all the same but very soon you’ll find an effective and fast way of getting out.

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