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Falls - Meaning of Dream


Falls, is a symbol of new developments. Falls often predicts new information, dating, and events.

If the water falls from a big height it means that the news will stun you.

Big falls, means that is necessary to be careful in saying thoughts: you can blurt out too much or offend a close person. Waterfalls can mean a lot of news. You should control yourself and resist frivolous proposals.

If you see falls with clean water, such a flow portends happiness in the family, children's health and getting unexpected gifts. If the water is dirty, then you are waiting for the bad news.

Dried out waterfall, is a symbol of disease and severe worries.

If you dream of a waterfall in a place where you did not expect it to be seen there, in reality you will experience the excitement and worries, which happen after the revaluation of values ​​in life.

If you see and admire the waterfall, it means that you have to be ready for execution of cherished desires. It could also symbolize the emotional discharge. All the fears and worries will be "washed away" by the waterfall, and there won’t be even a trace of it.

For sick people such dream predicts healing.

If you see a waterfall, destroying buildings, the dream warns that the accumulated tension could trigger a depression if it is not eliminated.

If a waterfall in a dream washes you away, it means that your reputation will be tainted by the bad people.

If you do jump into the water of the fall, it means that soon you will invest money in a scam or a risky business.

If you are pushed into a waterfall, it means that someone wishes you evil and tries to annoy you with all possible ways.

To see a painting with waterfall means that you will have meditation about life, fate, and some events. The drawing with a clean stream promises favorable changes, muddy water, a loss.

Waterfall, which carries stones, twigs, flowers or plants means meeting with people who will help you to strengthen the financial position.

To look at waterfall, means a terrible meeting; to hear the distant sound of the waterfall, means news.

You will visit the party, which will, no doubt, become one of the best holidays of your life. This event will be from the category of events that you memorize for the rest of your life.

Waterfall is imminent danger. The closer you stay and the bigger it is, the more serious is the danger.

If you swim in the waterfall, you will have failures in private life. If you want to swim out of it, you will be dragged to responsibility.

If the water in waterfall is too stormy and it looks dangerous, it means that you need to try to control your negative emotions, otherwise you will have troubles.

If the waterfall is small, you will get to know something new.

In the dream you admire a waterfall, it means that in real life you are detached from reality.

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